The company

​MaP-Tech is an independent consulting business, specialized in project management and management processes.

At MaP-Tech we work closely with our customers, to create a partnership that will result in better project management with a business approach.

MaP-Tech was founded by Peder Breinholt in 2007.
MaP-Tech is based in the central part of Jylland in Denmark, and our customers are businesses within service and industry.

At MaP-Tech we have long experience in managing projects and establishing project processes. This includes working internationally and in teams of experts distributed around the world.​

Project management

Map-Tech supply project management resources both for complete projects and specific areas of project management. At Map-Tech
we may function as interim project managers in complete projects, in situations of capacity shortages or if the organization is lacking specific competences.

Map-Tech also offers to manage part of a project, e.g. planning, supplier management, quality assurance or bringing a derailed project back on track.

At Map-Tech we put high emphasis on communication and reporting. We work to ensure that the customer is fully aware of all details, when we hand the project back over to the organization.

Map-Tech provides assistance in defining and implementing a standardized model for project management, adapted to the specific needs of our customer. The model may cover an entire project flow or processes related to specific unique project areas or tools.

When working with the implementation of project models, we employ our experience and skills as change management leaders, to ensure that the new model is embedded in the organization.​

Map-Tech ApS

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